Katie Loftin, Denton, TX. Long hair, late nights, bubble baths and good music.

You wanted smooth sailing, and I’ve always been the sea

It takes a skilled sailor to understand me

My turbulent passion

My waves of tough love

Always enjoyed best with the sun up above

Storm clouds will come and I’ll toss you around

Have you searching for solid ground

You’ll stop fighting and ask, “What more?”

But your lips will remember, and I’ll return to your shore

Day after day and night after night

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You told me I seemed haunted.
It was 3am and you could still smell the storm clouds under my skin.
You can’t quell depression by making love.
But we tried.
But we tried,
oh, we did.
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Ready for #topdown weather to stick around #miatadaze

Ready for #topdown weather to stick around #miatadaze

Flowers&wine from my bestest @speedracherr 🌻💕 #mondaze #luvins

Flowers&wine from my bestest @speedracherr 🌻💕 #mondaze #luvins

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I crave your legs intertwined with mine, I crave nothing but you, in the most simplest of ways.
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